Cutting Edge End-to-End ICT Services

Serving Ghana for 10 years with World-Class Communications, Data Centers and Applications Solutions

About Us

For over a decade, SuperTech STL Ltd. has delivered dedicated service to the government, corporate companies and financial institutions in Ghana. We are an ICT solution and services provider with a wide range of expertise – Communications, Data Centers and Systems, ERP and applications, and - Cloud Services. We provide professional hands-on results that encompass every aspect of our clients’ needs.

SuperTech STL has a track record of excellence. Our successful projects speak volumes on our attention to detail and design. We continue project success with consistent support, on-going monitoring of customers’’ systems, and maintenance.  

Quality Delivery

In the area of Project Management, SuperTech STL delivers full scope, all-inclusive projects. We leave no stone unturned in deploying the right solutions for our customers. We make sure all the bases are covered.

SuperTech STL teams work to design and develop applications, communication solutions, Data Center and systems and Disaster Recovery platforms.

Our Support Teams offers our customers a 24x7x365 SLA’s for monitoring and maintenance of their critical systems, either remotely or onsite. Customer Support Center (CSC) manages the support of our clients and the internal parties that provide technical service. Our advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables us to manage support.

Our Blue Chip partners like EMC, Dell, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, Sun and others, together with our vast ICT experience, loyal and skilled employees and experience management team - allow us to deploy quality ICT systems all over Ghana. We understand the dynamics of our developing business environment and we maintain first-class standards to bring our customers businesses to the global marketplace in a world-class way.  

With our robust and redundant systems approach our clients enjoy seamless operational flow. If a system fails - another system is in place to move business forward.

Our Three Main TECHNICAL Domains

  • Communications – we own and operate the most prominent privately -owned data network in Ghana, based on Fiber Channel (FC), VSAT and Radio, and have a unique expertise in providing communications solutions, based on vats technologies, to corporate and enterprises, both for LAN and WAN environment, including   management and security aspects.
  • Applications Development – an experienced team of experience programmers, DBA’s and developers design, develop and implement large ERP solutions, Biometrical identification, and tailored-made applications.
  • Data Centers and Systems – we design, implement and support data centers – a full end to end setup of world-class projects – from the physical design nof the construction, to the infrastructure systems (fire suppression, electricity, cooling, energy saving, CCTV and access control), all the way to the IT part that includes servers, DB’s, Virtualization solutions, storage and backup, etc. construction & implementation – full setup of enterprise-class Data Centers.

Based on these domains of expertise, we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions, either as a project with support aspects after completion, or – as an on-going managed services and cloud services.

Our Approach

The “SuperTech STL Approach" to services and systems delivery has allowed us to be successful for over a decade. High quality is not perceptual; it is our practical philosophy and approach to business. We achieve high quality by implementing world class ICT standards in West Africa.

The fact that SuperTech STL covers the 3 main domains of ICT: Communications, Systems & Data Centers and Applications, enables us to practically deliver end-to-end ICT projects, in which our customer has one contact point for all the main components of the project/service.

SuperTech STL concentrates on clear rules of engagement for design, project delivery and technical support. We install robust redundant infrastructure for business continuity. We execute projects that integrate skilled in-country human resource and expertise from abroad.

SuperTech STL incorporates Customer Relationship Management Systems that measures the quality of our service on a daily basis. We monitor our systems and our customers’ systems continuously - 24x7x365; this including proactive maintenance when needed. Usually we will know that your systems are about to fail, or failed – before you do, and in many case - prevent critical data loss or business interruption. Our strong service orientation and technical professionalism ensure continued customer satisfaction.

There are many elements that enable us to maintain a high level of services and projects to our customers, and we have built this business approach for years. We will mention here 3 main corner stones of our approach:

  • Structured and Proven Projects Management Methodology
  • 24x7x365 High Level Technical Support
  • Continuity & High-Availability of all our systems



Supertech STL offers a wide range of services, in all ICT domains: Communications, Data Centres and Systems, Applications, and cross-domain services. Our unique and vast experience in delivering high quality services to large corporations, enables us to offer from one hand – rapidly deployed ‘out of the shelf’ services, and from the other hand – tailored specific services that answer unique customers’ needs.



  • WAN services, based on satellite, radio and fibre links,  to provide corporates with secured connectivity backbone
  • IP and PABX telephony
  • Design and implementation of LAN and WAN networks
  • Broadband managed Internet services

Data centres and systems

  • Data centres design and implementation
  • Storage, back & virtualization solutions
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Backup as a Service
  • Hosting of IT systems

Support and maintenance

  • Proactive and reactive support agreements
  • Periodic health-checks and reporting of critical ICT systems 

Information Systems

  • Design, development and implementation of ERP systems
  • Design and implementation of tailored made applications
  • Performance tuning of databases

ICT training

IT assessments and technology roadmaps